Free your legs with tortz-featurestortz, the shorts that prevent thigh chafing.

Thigh-touch, chafing, chub rub, whatever you call it, it can ruin your day. Women of all shapes and sizes experience chafing on their inner thighs, yet we hardly ever talk about it! tortz are light and comfortable underwear that discreetly prevent thigh rubbing, but look so good, you’ll want to show them off!

We want you to feel comfortable and happy on bare leg days, free to wear whatever you like and get the most out of your day. The pretty lace garters keep tortz secure and in place using high quality silicone backing.

Our customers tell us that tortz have given them the freedom and confidence to wear summer dresses for the first time, knowing they’ll be comfortable all day.

We hope you love your tortz as much as we do.




What is thigh chafing?

Thigh chafing is that happens when friction is created at the top of your legs due to heat and movement. It can be very uncomfortable and create a rash or even break the skin. It is perfectly normal and women of all shapes and sizes have told us they’ve had it.


What are tortz?

tortz are a new anti-chafing lingerie range that prevent friction on the inner thigh, so you can make the most of your day.


Will tortz ride up my legs?

tortz use a high-quality silicone backing to secure the elegant lace bands preventing rolling up your legs as you move.


Are there other ways to prevent thigh chafing?

Definitely, there are lubricants, powders or a lot of women have told us they wear cycling shorts under their dress. We think tortz are the perfect combination of comfort and style that you won’t be ashamed to show off.


Are tortz machine washable?

Absolutely, I have machine washed mine many times over. As with all lingerie, they last longest when hand-washed, but they’re pretty robust and come out of the washing machine looking ready for action!


What’s your returns policy?

Please have a look at our Refunds Policy which will give you the full run down. I’m afraid we can’t accept any returns if the tortz have been worn.


Why don’t they come in more colours?

We are only a small company and rely on your support through buying tortz to be able to invest in a wider range. We hope you will tell us what colours we should make next!


How can I get the most wear out of my tortz?

Firstly make sure you buy the right size so that the material is not unnecessarily strained. The best way to put on your tortz to reduce the risk of any snagging and so they feel the most comfortable, is to first gather the lace garter between your two hands, widening them out so you can then carefully step into the space you’ve created. You can then gently place the garter on your thigh, just below the thigh touch point. Please note, the lace itself does have a design that is more open in places and this is going to be more delicate and therefore prone to weakness in the finer areas. If it is pulled on a lot when the product is put on, it can tear.

How should I wear tortz?