tortz is a small company that wouldn’t exist without friendship and kindness. It took a very good friend to tell me, “stop talking about it and get on with it”! Thank you Claire.

tortz were developed using focus groups of friends, I’ll never forget the increasingly tipsy and raucous evening when we all measured each others’ thigh touches in Covent Garden. Thanks to everyone who came to those and to Debs for taking notes as the next day I wouldn’t have had a clue.

Without Steve and Kristen at Design Culture, I could never have hoped for such a charming brand and website. Thank you so much.

Becky, you’ve been so amazing giving me your PR guru wisdom. Thank you.

Thank you Heather for always being there, for your invaluable advice and letting us borrow your wedding dress and ring!

Thank you to my beautiful friends who have modelled tortz; Leah, Ara, Hannah, Gillian, Heather, Nadine, Lauren, Gemma. Thank you to the photographers who have captured you so perfectly, Annie and Jess. Thank you Kaycie, for letting us loose in your bar at Christmas time.

Thank you to my cousin Lauren who held my baby daughter so I could talk to customers at Curvy Convention. Thank you to Simon for the tortz illustration. Thank you to Holly, Laura and Amy who packed and posted tortz so I could go on holiday. Thank you Katie for fixing my broken website and sweetly absorbing my technophobia. Thank you Laura for directing the first photoshoot when I was heavily pregnant.

Thank you to the investors, I owe you, literally!

Thank you to the influencers who have backed tortz, your support is so invaluable to a small business.

Finally, thank you to our wonderful customers, making you more comfortable so you can enjoy your summer makes us so happy. x