legs-200x300tortz are a new lingerie range that prevent chafing on the inner thigh. They are tights, just for the thighs!

Thigh-touch, chafing, chub rub (grim!) whatever you call it, it can ruin your day. Women of all shapes and sizes experience chafing on their inner thighs on bare leg days, yet we hardly ever talk about it. tortz are light and comfortable underwear that discreetly prevent thigh rubbing, but look so good, you’ll want to show them off!

The idea for tortz was born on holiday a few years ago. It was the height of summer and, after a long day of sightseeing in a summer dress, I was feeling uncomfortable. Back at the hotel, I improvised with what I found in my underwear drawer and my first pair of prototype tortz were created. I felt feminine and cool in my summer dress and bare legs, but my thigh-touch zone was covered, so I could get on with my day in comfort.

tortz have come a long way since that first pair, with high quality silicone backing to keep them secure and elegant lace bands you’ll be proud to flash. Through your support, we hope to bring out more colours and style in the future. We are proud to make tortz in the UK.

We want you to feel comfortable and happy on those bare leg days, free to wear whatever you fancy and get the most out of your day. We hope you love your tortz as much as we do.

Let us know what you think!